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What is the class like?

Our classes are led by experienced yoga teachers and create a safe, calm environment surrounded by cute, loving dogs who will come up to play and cuddle with you as you do yoga!


We invite dogs to the class so they can socialise with other people and dogs in a calm and stress-free environment. We accept a maximum of 6 dogs per session.


Kids are accepted under parental supervision.


Yoga mats will not be provided, please bring along your mat!

The class is split into 2 main portions: 40-50 minutes of yoga, incorporating some cute poses with the dogs, followed by 10 minutes of pure playtime with the dogs. 


Why bring your furpal to our class?

You get to enjoy bonding time with your dog!

You also get to play with other dogs, while allowing your doggo to socialize with other dogs and humans in a safe, calm environment. 

Enjoy one hour of total happiness and relaxation, surrounded by doggos who have so much love to give.

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