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Events / Corporate Class

We're open to hosting events and corporate classes (no matter big or small), drop us a message here at for more details & rates within 48 hours.

We are currently able to host three types of events here at Puppy Yoga Singapore.
1) Mass Puppy Yoga Events - Suitable for events focused on dog owners
2) Small Group Puppy Yoga Class - Suitable for events for general public/smaller events (<25 pax)

3) Kitty Yoga Session - Suitable for smaller events (<15 pax)

Mass Puppy Yoga 

Suitable for Pet-owner focused events

Bonding-focused event

In this class, we focus on creating bonding experiences through unique yoga poses designed for both dogs and their owners. Participants will learn a yoga routine that incorporates their furry companions, allowing them to strengthen their bond even during a workout. This session is beginner-friendly and suitable for all fitness levels.

We also introduce fun and engaging poses that challenge both participants and their dogs, fostering trust and cooperation. Additionally, our class includes massage techniques and simple stretches that owners can perform on their dogs, promoting relaxation and well-being for both.



No limit on number of attendees, can be discussed

Dogs to be kept on leash, attendees should bring their own dogs for the best experience (Can be more than one person per dog), but it’s also OK for people without dogs to attend.

Small Group Puppy Yoga 

Suitable for events for general public

Organic interaction between humans and dogs

The dogs are kept off leash during this session, to allow them to socialize with humans and dogs alike in a safe & controlled environment. In this class, participants get to enjoy an organic interaction with the dogs, while enjoying a good yoga workout for their bodies. This class type would be more suited for events that are marketed to the general public / events where it may be inconvenient for people to bring their dogs along (such as in a corporate office on a workday)

Other events we have hosted: corporate classes, team bonding, bachelorette parties, birthday parties)



Depending on location. Max 6 dogs per session, ratio of around 1 dog: 4 humans.

An enclosed area (such as a room or barricade) to prevent the dogs from running away. We are able to provide dogs for this event, with an additional transport cost.


Kitty Yoga sessions

Suitable for smaller events

10 cats in our session to play and have fun with

Join us for a unique and delightful yoga experience with our Kitty Yoga class! Held in a serene space accompanied by ten adorable cats, this class offers the perfect blend of relaxation, exercise, and furry companionship. Suitable for all levels, our instructor will guide you through a series of gentle yoga poses designed to enhance your flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Enjoy the company of ten playful and affectionate cats who will freely roam the space, offering purrs, cuddles, and entertainment.

Suitable for: corporate classes, team bonding, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties)


Max 15 pax per session (Due to space constraints of our location)


Various locations 

+65 88707848 (Whatsapp only)

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