Frequently asked questions

Purchasing Tickets

How much are your classes?

$35 for attendees not bringing dogs $25 for attendees bringing dogs This price differential is because dogs are a key part of this experience! 100% of our operating profits will be donated to dog shelters in Singapore.

Tickets reservations?

Tickets are not reserved in your basket. It’s possible that the tickets will sell out before you're able to purchase. Try to be as quick as possible. (Apple Pay can be handy!)

Are tickets limited?

Yes. We work on ratios of people to doggos (3:1) so tickets are limited.

How to purchase?

You can purchase via our website using the link in our Instagram (swipe up & bio) or simply go to www.puppy-yoga.com/classes and refresh the page when tickets are due to launch.

Reselling tickets?

We do not support the reselling of our puppy yoga tickets. We reserve the right to deny entry to our events if the tickets have not been purchased from Puppy Yoga Singapore directly.

Private classes?

We offer private classes at $340 per hour, for up to a maximum of 8 pax. However, we will not be providing the dogs and they will have to be sourced by you. We offer an arrangement where we can have dogs around, but that has to be discussed further. You can reach out to hello@puppyyoga.sg for more details!

The classes

How long are the classes?

Our classes will be split into 2 portions! The yoga portion will be approximately 35 minutes long and you will be able to have 15 minutes of pure playtime after the class. We will be providing some doggy treats for each participant to feed their favourite doggos!

Will the doggos be doing yoga?

No, they will not be doing yoga. The doggos will be allowed to run around freely and engage with event attendees and each other. All interactions and photos captured during the event are organic and not staged by us.

How many people will be in each class?

We will adhere to safe distancing guidelines as set by the government, and keep a ratio of humans to doggos (e.g. 8 humans: 2-3 doggos)

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope! You don't need to bring anything at all, mats and blocks will be provided. Just bring a smile & dress in comfortable clothes (that you can do yoga in!)

Can I know the background of your yoga instructor?

She is a trained yoga teacher with a YTT 200 qualification, and completed her training in India.

Can I do this if I have not done yoga before?

Yes, you can join our classes. Our classes are suited to beginners and are extremely gentle and relaxing. We want everyone to be able to participate no matter of their skill level! :) You can play with the dogs and take photos whenever they approach you, even when the yoga class is going on.

How is this class beneficial for people?

Studies have shown that the act of petting animals can lower blood pressure & reduce overall stress creating a calming and blissful environment. Yoga also has the same benefits! Double the cuteness, happiness and relaxation with our puppy yoga classes :)

What about people with allergies?

If you have a pet / dog allergy we recommend you not to attend our class.

What do I wear?

Please come in something that you are comfortable doing yoga in. We have a toilet outside the yoga studio :)

FAQ for Dog owners

Can I bring my own dog?

Yes, however there are certain criteria for our dogs to be accepted, in order to protect the other dogs and participants. Please refer to the next question for the criteria.

What are the criteria for the dogs to be accepted?

We offer two class types at Puppy Yoga. For both class types, the dogs attending must be: - Non-aggressive, friendly - Vaccinated - Potty trained - Clean and healthy For our small dogs class, the dogs can be: - Max height of 40cm (at their shoulders) and weight of 10kg and below) For our mid/big dogs class: the dogs can be: - 10kg and above. If your dog is somewhere on the edge (e.g. 9kg, 12kg) and you would like to join the other class instead, please send us a message and we will see what we can do! We would kindly request dog owners to keep to these criteria, and dogs that do not meet this criteria will be turned away at the door, with no refunds. Please provide proof of vaccination records when we message you via Whatsapp!

Do I need to bring anything?

For all participants, please bring a towel to cover your mat. For dog owners, you can bring treats or a favourite toy that your dog has!

Will other people be able to touch my dog?

Yes, provided that your dog approaches them, please allow other people to pet and play with them! We will check the temperature of all participants and they will be turned away at the door if they are ill.

What if my dog fights with another dog?

We will not be liable if the dogs fight and one dog gets injured. Please understand that you may have to keep an eye on your dog, and take action in the case where there is any aggression between dogs. By participating in this activity you must understand that you are at your own risk (and the risk of your dog). You are solely responsible for supervising your dog and determining whether or not this is an appropriate activity. Dog activities are intended to provide a fun and rewarding experience for you and your dog. Despite careful and proper preparation, there is still a risk of serious injury, including death to the dog,