Masks will be worn throughout the class. Also, according to safe distancing guidelines highlighted by the Sports Advisory Singapore, please bring your own yoga towel to cover the mat.


Please note that the class is only for Medium/BIG DOGS. Dogs should be around 10kg and heavier. Owners, please make sure you are not checking out the wrong item :) 


The class costs $45 for participants that are NOT bringing dogs, and $35 for participants bringing their dog along. This price differential is because the dogs are an integral part of the experience! :)


PLEASE NOTE IT IS 1 DOG PER PAX. (aka if you are 2 people bringing 1 dog, please mark it as 1 pax bringing dog, 1 pax not bringing dog.) This is to make sure we have a fixed ratio of humans and doggos :)


Come join us for 50 minutes of pure joy and relaxation! We will have about 35 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of pure playtime with the dogs. 


Our yoga classes are gentle and beginner friendly. You may take photos with the dogs any time that you wish. 


For participants that are bringing the dogs, please make sure your dog adheres to the requirements that our classes have, for the safety of all other participants.


The names of the tickets holders are checked before the class, do not resell tickets to a third person. We reserve the right to refuse a customer whose name is not registered on our system.



  • To be allowed into our classes, the dogs have to be: 

    - Considered a big dog, no weight limit (>10kg is a good benchmark. For dogs that are slightly bigger or smaller (e.g. 8-12kg) you can send us a message if you would like to come.

    - Non-aggressive and friendly

    - Vaccinated, potty trained, clean and healthy.

    * please feel free to bring pee pads or put them in diapers 


    We would kindly request dog owners to keep to these criteria, and dogs that do not meet this criteria will be turned away at the door, with no refunds.


     Please understand that you may have to keep an eye on your dog, and take action in the case where there is any aggression between dogs. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.