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Newly launched - Kitty Yoga

Kitty Yoga: Stretch, Relax, and Play around!

Join us for a unique and delightful yoga experience with our Kitty Yoga class! Held in a serene space accompanied by ten adorable cats, this class offers the perfect blend of relaxation, exercise, and furry companionship.


Class Details:

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Capacity: Maximum 10 people per class

  • Atmosphere: Calm and cat-friendly environment

  • Mats are provided

  • Please DO NOT bring your cat along.


What to Expect:

  • Gentle Yoga Poses: Suitable for all levels, our instructor will guide you through a series of gentle yoga poses designed to enhance your flexibility, balance, and relaxation.

  • Feline Friends: Enjoy the company of ten playful and affectionate cats who will freely roam the space, offering purrs, cuddles, and entertainment.

  • Mindfulness and Fun: Embrace the therapeutic benefits of yoga combined with the joy and tranquility that only our feline friends can provide.


Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, Kitty Yoga promises a unique and heartwarming experience. Come stretch, relax, and play with our adorable cats!

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